Where Are Fire Doors Required in Commercial Buildings?

Fire Exit Sign

Fire doors are an essential component of keeping a building safe from the damage and danger to life that fire causes. By keeping the blazes at bay, they also give first responders crucial extra time. In this blog, we are focusing on where these key parts of your fire safety arsenal can best be placed in your commercial building.

What Features Make Fire Doors So Important?

Fire doors have a set of requirements that make them an effective defence method against fire. These are:

At least three heat-resistant hinges
One or more types of seals (intumescent, smoke & acoustic seals)
Fire-resistant glazing – specially tempered to withstand high heat
Adequate signage
An automatic door closer

Different Types of Fire Doors

Fire doors – depending on where they are and in what sort of building – have different levels of protection. Some are ranked by the length of time they keep a fire at bay – e.g. FD30, FD60 and so on. Others are differentiated by where they are placed – for example, a fire exit door that allows for easy access to the outdoors for people to escape in an emergency.

In many cases, an FD30 is sufficient, but depending on the accessibility of the room and how long it would take for emergency services to reach it, this may increase.

Escape Routes

In commercial buildings, fire doors are required to create a clear horizontal and vertical escape route through the building.

A horizontal route directs people to a safe area – be that a fireproof room or to the outside of the building.
Vertical escape routes direct people to a stairwell as lifts cannot be used in the case of a fire.

Fire Door Inspections

Once fire doors are in place, it is also the job of the Responsible Person to ensure that they are regularly inspected and replaced when needed. With wear and tear – especially in communal spaces – and ever-changing regulations, regular inspections are imperative.

In the commercial sector, a surprising 75% of fire doors fail to meet crucial standards, putting businesses’ fire safety at risk. It’s a sobering fact that underscores the importance of regular fire door surveys and maintenance by qualified professionals.

How We Can Help

At Martyn Young Fireproofing Consultancy, we offer expert advice, helping make sure you and your property are complying with the latest fire safety regulations. To find out more about how we can help, contact us today on 07585 896648.


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