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I have been in Business since 1989, and am one of the few UK companies focused solely on fire protection and fire prevention. Through my years of experience, I know that fires can be prevented and fire damage can be limited because that’s the business I am in, fire prevention and damage limitation.Since my formation, I have always believed that my clients’ best interests, the safety of their staff and the premises they work in, come first. My professional services cover every aspect of fire protection and fire prevention, from initial building survey right through to innovative installations designed to provide a unique combination of trouble-free fire protection, fire spread prevention and complete compliance with current legislation.I supply and install a wide range of innovative quality intumescent fire prevention systems from reputable leading Manufacturers – Astroflame, Fire Plug, Fireus/Safire, Nullifire, Jotun, Thermoguard, CCF-Commercial Ceiling Factors etc.

Our services not only include supplying products but we also offer an excellent installation service. We have great confidence in our fireproof and fire retardancy products and on completion of an installation, certify our work with a certificate stating details of the products used, the fire rating achieved, test report references, the location, date and company details. We also offer a ‘certificate of supply’ to our customers who wish to apply products themselves to our specifications.

Our reputation and experience within the industry for our intumescent products and services satisfy Fire Prevention Officers and Building Control Officers and we are often called on by Architects, Surveyors, Building Contractors etc. to offer on-site specialist advice during construction and renovation to solve any unforeseen problems in fire-stopping


Fire proofing

While fire stops the spread of flames and toxic gases throughout your building, we also need to protect structural elements that could be damaged by an explosion.

In order to protect these vital parts for safety’s sake we install fireproofing during construction process with all other aspects such as plumbing fixtures or window frames included in this step.

In short: “Fire Proof” means exactly what you think it does – protecting against fires!

Fireproofing is the practice of applying certain products to materials or structures in order minimize fire damage. This means that during an accidental case, critical operations will continue until firefighters can arrive and bring it under control with minimal loss–this provides plant operators enough time needed act against any flames before they become too expansive for anyone’s safety!

There are a number of reasons to do fireproofing, one reason being that it can increase the resistance towards fires. This will help keep your equipment and critical control systems operating during any type or scale disaster as well!

The structural steel of a building will lose 50% at around 538°C. This is why it’s important to use fireproofing, which extends the time that temperature needs in order for an incident happen! The average fires are normally found between 982°C to 1093°C range.

With a high mass and low thermal conductivity, concrete is an excellent fire protection material.

The properties make it very effective at reducing heat input to underlying structures by taking away more energy from the equation than other alternatives such as stone or steel would offer Poured-in place (PIPS) coatings help improve this even further through their ability create surfaces with tight connections between component parts that can withstand pressures generated during accidents without failing

These types of construction methods have been used extensively in petrochemical industries due primarily because they allow for quick response times should anything happen.

– Gypsum plasters – Pyrocrete 241 – Mesh – Cementitious plasters – Carbomastic
– Carboline – Fibrous plasters containing either mineral wool or ceramic fibres
– Intumescent coatings

To secure any insurance, it is a pre-requisite for many industrial facilities to have fireproofing. On a broad scale, Fireproofing is divided into two groups::

  • Active Fireproofing and
  • Passive Fireproofing

When it comes to fireproofing, there are two types: active and passive. Active protection is when humans need intervene for some kind actions in order activate their system; whereas planned peripherals like safety plans beforehand make up the other variety of passive facilities where designers take into account what might go wrong before anything does The most common type of passive fireproofing is

  • cementitious fireproofing,
  • intumescent fireproofing and
  • firestop fireproofing.

Cementitious Fireproofing:

These are gypsum-based, plaster-like coatings that look like white stucco when dried. These coatings are sprayed on the structural surfaces requiring fireproofing. Cementite fireproofing is used to keep structural girders and beams below 540 C, where the steel will bend.

Intumescent Fireproofing:

When heated, intumescent paints expand and form a heat resistant barrier. They usually contain sodium silicates. Under high heat conditions, the intumescent paint coating thickens, entraining air and forming a layer of greater insulation. Intumescent fireproofing paints are used on metallic pipes, tanks, valves.

Firestop Fireproofing:

In Firestop fireproofing, all openings and joints are sealed with fire-resistance-rated walls and floors. Fire dampers are used to fill the ductwork holes, Hole cuts for pipes, and electrical wiring trays.

Comparison of Cementitious and Intumescent Fireproofing

Intumescent fireproofing is easier to apply than cementitious fireproofing. As they are applied similar to traditional coating, moisture can not settle inside. As Cementitious fireproofing is done using inexpensive materials, they are applied for fireproofing facilities under some circumstances. However, from a technical standpoint, intumescent fireproofing is more advanced and offers the flexibility of added fire protection.

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