Astroflame Intumescent Passive Fire Protection – Fire Stop Products

Astroflame Intumescent Passive Fire Protection - Fire Stop Products

In the realm of fire safety, proactive measures can make all the difference. That’s where Astroflame’s Passive Fire Stop Products come in. At Martyn Young Fireproofing Consultancy we are proud to offer a range of Astroflame’s passive fire stop products.


What Makes Astroflame Stand Out?

  • Dormant Yet Dynamic: These products remain inert under normal conditions but activate effectively in a fire situation.
  • Integral to Safety: As a crucial element of structural fire protection, they’re designed to contain fire and smoke, or slow their spread.
  • Critical for Evacuation and Entry: Their role is to contain the fire long enough to ensure the safe evacuation of occupants and allow fire brigade access, while keeping the building as safe as possible for entry and minimizing damage.


Astroflame’s Passive Fire Stop products are vital in slowing fire spread through various building penetrations and voids. This includes areas for pipework, conduits, ducts, cables, socket boxes, ventilation, and exterior cladding, aligning with the UK Building Regulations, Approved Document B – Fire Compartmentation.


For more information on Astroflame’s fire stop products contact Martyn Young Fireproofing Consultancy today on 07585 896648.