Introducing The New Astro Ceiling Fan Firestop

Astroflame Astro Ceiling Fan Firestop

Introducing the new Astro Ceiling Fan Firestop by Astroflame. The Astro Ceiling Fan Firestop represents an innovative solution, purpose-built to address a critical safety concern in both residential and commercial buildings. Its primary function is to safeguard against the potentially devastating consequences of fire incidents when recessed ceiling fans are installed.

In essence, this specialized product acts as an intumescent penetration seal, meticulously crafted to counteract the vulnerabilities associated with holes created in ceilings during the installation of ceiling fans, particularly those measuring 100mm and 125mm. The importance of this cannot be overstated, as these holes can compromise the structural integrity of the ceiling, thereby compromising its fire resistance capabilities.

In the event of a fire, the Astro Ceiling Fan Firestop truly proves its mettle. The intumescent lining within this firestop unit undergoes a remarkable transformation, expanding significantly to effectively seal off the opening in the ceiling. This action plays a pivotal role in halting the spread of flames and smoke, essentially creating a barrier that maintains the original fire resistance rating of the floor/ceiling system. This is of utmost significance as it ensures that the building remains compliant with stringent Building Regulations governing fire safety.

Recessed ceiling fans are a commonplace feature in modern construction, utilized extensively across a wide spectrum of building types, from homes to commercial establishments. However, the installation of these fans inadvertently compromises the inherent fire safety of the structure. The hole created in the ceiling represents a breach in the fire-rated barrier, and if not adequately addressed, it can have dire consequences in the event of a fire.

To rectify this vulnerability and restore the ceiling’s fire resistance, it is imperative that the penetration created by the ceiling fan installation be properly firestopped. The Astro Ceiling Fan Firestop is the solution to this pressing issue. It comes equipped with a steel mounting ring featuring an integral intumescent lining and a duct connector. This assembly is securely affixed to the ceiling lining, allowing for the ceiling fan to be installed in the usual manner.


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