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Where Are Fire Doors Required in Commercial Buildings?

Fire Exit Sign

Fire doors are an essential component of keeping a building safe from the damage and danger to life that fire causes. By keeping the blazes at bay, they also give first responders crucial extra time. In this blog, we are focusing on where these key parts of your fire safety arsenal can best be placed […]

Vital Fire Safety Considerations for Nurseries and Childcare Settings

Nurseries and Childcare

Fire safety in nurseries and childcare environments requires meticulous planning and diligent attention. The diverse needs of children, particularly infants and those with additional requirements, demand specific considerations. This article aims to highlight the necessity of effective fire safety strategies, focusing on fire risk assessments. Understanding the Unique Challenges Infants lack the capacity to understand […]

The importance of PEEPs in your fire evacuation procedures

Fire Evacuation Plan

What is a PEEP? A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is a customised evacuation strategy designed for individuals who might require additional support to reach a place of safety during an emergency, or who may not be able to do so within a reasonable timeframe without assistance. A PEEP highlights the necessary extra aid or […]

The importance of increased fire safety measures in retail over the festive season

Christmas Fire

Health and safety, and in particular, fire safety, is important for retailers all year round. However, the festive season brings with it increased risks and unique challenges that retailers should be aware of as they head into the busy Christmas period. Increased fire risks associated with the festive season Additional stock levels In anticipation of […]