Which buildings do the new Fire Safety Regulations apply to?

Fire Safety Regulations

New fire safety regulations will come into effect from 23rd January 2023 relating to buildings that contain more than one residence. The duties in these Regulations supplement those imposed by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

These new regulations relate to buildings in England that comprise two or more domestic premises (including the residential parts of mixed-use buildings) including blocks of flats (whether purpose-built or converted from another type of building, such as a house or office building), and blocks used for student accommodation.

According to the most recent government information, you’ll be affected if you are the Responsible Person for any building which:

contains two or more sets of domestic premises
contains common parts through which residents would need to evacuate in the case of an emergency

The new fire safety regulations apply to:

parts of the building that are used in common by the residents of two or more domestic premises (e.g. communal corridors and stairways)
flat entrance doors
the walls and floors that separate any domestic premises from other domestic premises, plant rooms, etc, or from parts of the building that are used in common by the occupants of two or more domestic premises
plant rooms and other non-domestic areas of the building, such as tenant halls, offices, laundries, gymnasia and commercial premises
external walls of the building, including doors or windows within an external wall, and attachments to an external wall (e.g. balconies)

Why are these new fire safety regulations being implemented?

These new fire safety regulations seek to improve fire safety of high-rise residential buildings by implementing most of the recommendations made by the Grenfell Tower Inquiry in its Phase 1 report. This means that Responsible Persons will acquire additional fire safety responsibilities and should ensure that any fire risk assessments reflect the new scope of the regulations.

Ensuring you and your business stay compliant

Increased scrutiny is to be put on the appointment of fire risk assessors, with assessments only to be carried out by a ‘competent professional.’ If you are the responsible person within a high rise building, you may need help with your fire safety, including fire risk assessments.

As fire safety consultants, we can ensure your business stays fully compliant with these new regulations and can offer assistance and guidance on your overall fire safety moving forward. We work with many housing associations and landlords and have a wealth of experience in this sector. Contact us at Martyn Young Fireproofing Consultant to find out more.

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