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Fire Door Security: Protecting Assets and People

Fire Damaged Building

In the fire safety industry, A fire door is a vital yet often overlooked part of keeping a building safe. They slow the spread of fire and even give first responders extra time to save lives. But, without proper maintenance, they can lose their effectiveness. In recent years, changes to regulations have brought fire doors […]

Ensuring the Right Fire Provisions in Modern Construction


Fire safety is a critical aspect of modern construction. The rapid growth of urban areas, technological advancements, and evolving building materials have reshaped the construction industry, making it essential to adapt fire safety measures accordingly. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of ensuring the right fire provisions in modern construction such as […]

Guarding Lives and Assets: The Crucial Role of Fire Compartmentation

Building Stair Signage

Compartmentation is the unsung hero of the fire safety world. It is the practice of dividing a building or structure into separate, fire-resistant compartments or sections, designed to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases. Compartmentation plays a pivotal role in containing fires, saving lives, and minimising property damage. In this blog post, […]